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Happy Endangered Species Day


This message from project manager, Tonya Moore to Ironwood staff and colleagues, exemplifies Ironwood’s spirit, dedication, and drive for why we’re in this business:


Today, I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for assisting me in one of my passions: working for the conservation of animal and plant species. I know some you share this passion and some of you are working with your own passions or gifts but I am grateful for each of you!


California, with all its geographic variety, has tremendous biological diversity. The state supports more than 5,000 native plants and more than 1,000 native animal species. At least one-third of the plants and two-thirds of the animals here are endemic species that occur nowhere else in the world. (And we get to live here!)


Of all these species, more than 300 are designated by the state as rare, threatened or endangered. There are 133 species listed under the federal Endangered Species

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