SoCal Permitting
Ironwood has a solid track record of successful permitting efforts through effective communication and positive, constructive relationships with the regulatory agencies.
Ironwood is skilled in the following permit application processes:

We are experienced with various environmental laws, regulations and ordinances:

Federal - environmental laws, regulations and ordinances
Federal Endangered Species Act (FESA) • National Forest Management Act (NFMA) • Clean Water Act (CWA) • Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) •
State - environmental laws, regulations and ordinances
California Endangered Species Act (CESA) • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) • California Fish and Wildlife Codes •
Regional & local plans
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) • West Mojave Plan (WEMO) • Northern & Eastern Mojave Plan (NEMO) • Northern & Eastern Colorado Desert Plan (NECO) • South Coast Resource Management Plan • Western Riverside Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) • Orange County Natural Community Conservation Plan and Habitat Conservation Plan (NCCP/HCP) •