Cranston Fire Emergency Repair Project

  • Description: Delineation of jurisdictional waters for road repairs following wildfires
  • Client: Ames, Caltrans
  • Locations: Hemet, San Bernardino County, California
  • Years: 2018 - Current
    Over 120 crossings were evaluated for potential jurisdictional waters in a timely manner so that recommendations can be made earlier and speed the process for attaining suitable permits for the project to move forward.

Services Provided

  • Desktop research for existing conditions
  • Field verifications for jurisdictional delineations
  • JD report
  • Recommendations based on findings for potential permits
express project

I-15 Express Lanes Project

  • Description: Expansion of express lanes that are near critical habitat and Santa Ana River
  • Client: Skanska-Ames joint venture, Riverside County Transportation Commission
  • Locations: Riverside County, California
  • Years: 2018 - Current
    Vigilance for this project has been key to preventing biological potential issues for nesting birds and other sensitive species such as the Santa Ana sucker, least Bell’s vireo, and bats that can negatively impact construction activities.

Services Provided

  • Nesting bird surveys
  • Pre-construction surveys
  • Compliance monitoring