Happy Endangered Species Day

This message from project manager, Tonya Moore to Ironwood staff and colleagues, exemplifies Ironwood’s spirit, dedication, and drive for why we’re in this business:

Today, I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for assisting me in one of my passions: working for the Conservation of Animal and Plant Species. I know some you share this passion and some of you are working with your own passions or gifts but I am grateful for each of you!


California, with all its geographic variety, has tremendous biological diversity. The state supports more than 5,000 native plants and more than 1,000 native Animal Species. At least one-third of the plants and two-thirds of the animals here are endemic species that occur nowhere else in the world. (And we get to live here!)

Of all these species, more than 300 are designated by the state as rare, threatened or endangered. There are 133 species listed under the federal Endangered Species Act in California. Loss of habitat, water management conflicts, invasive species, poaching and climate change are the greatest threats to their long-term survival.

The combination of wildfires and extreme drought conditions in most of the state add to the pressures on already-stressed wild plants and animals. (The reason I do what I do.)

Endangered Species Day was started in 2006 by the U.S. Senate to raise awareness of and celebrate these disappearing plant and animal species, and draw attention to successful recovery programs and opportunities for the public to get involved. It also honors the people who uphold the legacy of the Act while inspiring the next generation of conservation leaders. (Honoring people like you! Thank you.)


If you would like to celebrate, special activities are scheduled at the zoos in San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles and San Francisco, at Yosemite National Park, San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, San Diego Botanic Gardens, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, Buena Vista Audubon Society Nature Center, San Francisco Zoo and Sacramento’s Beach Lake Park. Visit to learn more.

The following link is a list of easy things you can do to save endangered species.
Again thank you for helping conserve the species of this plant. Together we can make change in ourselves, our families, our community and our world.

Enjoy Life