Rosamond, Willow Springs and Kingbird Solar Projects

CLIENT: First Solar / STATUS: Pre-Project Permitting Stage


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Pre-project protocol surveys, plan development, and permitting for biological resources compliance for the proposed development of three solar projects in the Western Mojave Desert



First Solar is proposing three solar facilities with related transmission components in the Western Mojave Desert:

  • Rosamond: 148 MW, 1,175 acres
  • Willow Springs: 150 MW, 1,402 acres
  • Kingbird: 20MW, 324 acres



Ironwood has worked on the Rosamond and Willow Springs projects since 2010, and the Kingbird project since 2014. Ironwood is in the process of finishing pre-project surveys and permitting, and is currently developing the burrowing owl plans and a review of mitigation lands.

Ironwood is also collaborating with First Solar, Kern, County, and state and federal agencies to develop a creative approach to mitigation for the state-threatened Swainson’s hawk and combine permitting mitigation requirements to provide flexibility in managing biological resources while enabling the project to be developed.

  • Initial surveys to assist First Solar in siting the project to avoid resource conflicts
  • Protocol-level surveys for
  • Swainson’s hawk
  • Burrowing owl
  • Mohave ground squirrel
  • Desert tortoise
  • Rare plants
  • Additional surveys for cactus, weeds, raptors, ravens, kit fox, and badger
  • Biological Resources Technical Report
  • Comments to DEIR response letters


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