Technical Writing

Ironwood understands the value of well-written technical documents that convey essential information efficiently and effectively. We have a strong record of preparing defensible biological resource technical reports, biological resource sections of EIRs and EISs, and resource-specific management plans. We provide formal agency-specific documents in support of project permitting. Ironwood is versed the regulatory setting surrounding biological resources and is adept in assessing potential impacts or adverse effects. Quality assurance and professional editing is an essential component to our written work products. Examples of technical documents that we are proficient in preparing include:


  • Biological Assessment
  • Natural Environment Study
  • Jurisdictional Delineation Report
  • Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plan
  • Bird and Bat Conservation Strategy
  • Raven Management Plan
  • Desert Tortoise Translocation Plan
  • Vegetation Salvaging and Restoration Plan
  • Invasive Species Management Plan
  • Burrowing Owl Management Plan

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