Southern California Edison Projects

CLIENT: Southern California Edison / STATUS: Currently under Construction


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Surveys, permitting, and compliance activities for a solar project substation and switchyard, and deteriorated pole and line maintenance projects in both Nevada and California



Ironwood has completed surveys, permitting and compliance activities for the following SCE projects

1. Red Bluff Substation (surveys, permitting, and compliance)
2. Primm switchyard (surveys, permitting, and compliance)
3. Deteriorated Pole Program (surveys, permitting, and compliance)
4. Line maintenance including El Dorado-Ivanpah and Devers-Palo Verde (compliance)



Ironwood has worked with SCE and the CPUC throughout the permitting and construction compliance phases to efficiently complete projects while protecting biological resources.



  • Jurisdictional delineation
  • Desert tortoise protocol-level surveys conducted on over 2,000 acres
  • Rare plant surveys, weed surveys, and cactus counts
  • Kit fox and badger surveys
  • Avian point counts, surveys and nesting surveys


  • Biological Resources Technical Reports, Biological Assessments
  • Management Plans for rare plant and cactus salvage, weed monitoring and removal, desert tortoise translocation, raven monitoring, golden eagle and raptor monitoring, and avian mortality monitoring


  • Desert tortoise compliance training, clearance and monitoring
  • Quarterly and annual reports to BLM and other agencies per project-specific Requirements



Ironwood’s work for SCE has been completed both on-time and under budget while never causing construction delays. The Red Bluff Substation supported many more biological resources and was constructed concurrently with another nearby substation. Even with a larger number of species and resource concerns, Ironwood’s compliance activities facilitated construction of the Red Bluff Substation with no delays due to biological resources. In contrast, the nearby substation experienced numerous delays and inactive equipment issues related to biological resource Issues.


  • Work completed both on-time and under budget
  • No construction delays due to biological resources


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