Management Team

    • Kathy Buescher Simon

      President and Senior Biologist

      Mrs. Simon has over 25 years of experience as a wildlife biologist and environmental analyst. She has successfully managed and conducted fieldwork for projects ranging in size and scope from approximately 10 to 500,000 acres and has extensive experience in the Mojave and Colorado Deserts of California, southern California mountain and foothill habitats, and habitats throughout the state of California.


      Mrs. Simon holds Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) for the Mohave ground squirrel and other small mammal species, and for handling and performing telemetry for desert tortoise. She is respected by agency personnel and has experience in coordinating agency consultation for many projects. Ms. Simon has managed and written over 150 biological and environmental reports including Biological Technical Reports (BTR), Biological Assessments (BA), Natural Environment Studies (NES), Initial Studies (IS), and Environmental Impact Reports/Statements (EIR/S).
      Mrs. Simon has expertise with environmental laws and policies governing natural resources, including the Endangered Species Act (ESA), California ESA, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and Clean Water Act (CWA). Ms. Simon has worked on projects ranging from managing large-scale range-wide surveys for the desert tortoise and Mohave ground squirrel to numerous base closures under the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission, extensive fieldwork and environmental documents for large-scale military projects, managing fieldwork and monitoring for extensive fiber-optic cable installation projects, and development projects. She is proficient in standard Microsoft Office programs, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies.

    • Chris Blandford

      Vice President and Senior Biologist

      Mr. Blandford has over 17 years of experience as a Wildlife Biologist and Natural Resources Project Manager. He has a strong history of managing biological resource studies; conducting focused surveys for special-status amphibians, reptiles, and birds; authoring technical reports and resource-specific management plans; performing jurisdictional wetland delineations; preparing environmental documents in support of CEQA and NEPA compliance; developing regulatory permit applications pursuant to the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA), California ESA, California Fish and Game Code (1600 and 2080), Clean Water Act (Section 401 and 404), and Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA); and supervising mitigation/compliance monitoring programs. Mr. Blandford has authored and reviewed over 100 biological resource documents involving detailed effects/impact analysis and development of mitigation measures, including Biological Assessments for Section 7 consultation with USFWS.


      Mr. Blandford is approved by the USFWS and CDFW for conducting surveys, monitoring and handling of Mojave desert tortoise. He has conducted habitat assessments and focused wildlife surveys throughout Southern California. He has also implemented mitigation programs for large-scale projects, performed restoration compliance inspections, and trained construction field crews in environmental awareness.

    • Don Copeland

      Senior Project Manager

      Mr. Copeland has 20 years of experience in the environmental field, with extended experience conducting ESA Section 7 and Section 10 consultation with US Fish and Wildlife Service, and preparing Biological Assessments; Biological Evaluations and CESA incidental take permits. He has extensive environmental compliance experience as a Project Manager and monitor on large projects, ensuring environmental compliance with regulatory documents (Biological Opinions, 2081’s, streambed permits as well as Environmental Documents). Mr. Copeland is approved by US Fish and Wildlife Service California Department of Fish and Wildlife and BLM to handle desert tortoise, and has performed surveys for least Bell’s vireo, burrowing owl, southwestern willow flycatcher, arroyo toad, San Bernardino kangaroo rat, and bats. He is also trained in construction site Best Management Practice (BMP’s) implementation and maintenance.

    • Tonya Moore

      Natural Resources Project Manager

      Ms. Moore has worked as a biologist in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada for almost twenty years. She has extensive experience in the deserts of California, especially the Mojave Desert. She has worked on small projects (less than 1 acre) to extremely large projects (over 10,000 acres) with million dollar budgets.


      Ms. Moore has worked in the field performing biological surveys for various listed species, authored biological portions of environmental documents (EIS/EIR, FONSI/NDs), written and compiled numerous permit packages for State and federal permits (such as federal and State Incidental Take Permits, SAA and Coast Guard permits), determined mitigation measures and authored mitigation plans, and processed mitigation lands, including processing conservation easements. She has represented agencies on various boards and has worked with numerous planning commissions. She has managed small to large staff, consultants and contingent workers. Ms. Moore also has experience in developing standards, programs and protocols.